July 2020

Full Speed

We have certainly had our fair share of bumps due to the pandemic including no cabinets, sheet metal shortages, and cost increases due to trade restrictions and tariffs. After many delays, we seem to be back on track with three houses in active construction and last one about to get started.

Because of the virus, we were not able to get good final interior photos of our last house to complete (Lot 16). We hope to get a photographer inside very soon for some good "final" photos.

Here are some fly-overs of the project taken just last week.

October 2019

What Happened to Summer?

It was a busy, and fast, summer. Lot 18 has been finished and we have our first resident in that house. Check out the interior photos of this amazing house. We are very pleased with house this house turned out.

Meanwhile, our next house, 3050 Whitehouse Drive (a.k.a. Lot 17), is moving along nicely. Drywall is installed and we will be mudding and taping as soon as we get some temporary heat running. Check out the vide below for an interior tour of work in progress.

At the same time, our fourth house, 3048 Whitehouse (Lot 16) is moving quickly as well. This house is largely based on teh designs for lot 18, but converted to a two story verion. We are very pleased with how the stairwell is shaping up and with the increased sizes of the upstairs bedrooms.

May 2019

Lot 20 is Complete

Lot 20 has been completed and we have our first resident! We still need to wrap up our landscaping -- hopefully it will stop raining/snowing long enough for the ground to dry out.

Check out this video and some stills around the two houses and some interior shots of lot 20.

Lot 18

Lot 18 is moving along and will be a fantastic house. Check out some of these photos. We'll add some interior video and photos at the next update.

March 2019

Lot 20 is getting close! We have about 2-3 weeks more work to finish up all the little details inside, clean it up, then first resident move-in! Meanwhile, lot 18 has finally been closed in. The harsh winter has not helped that house much.

Check out this video and some stills around the two houses and some interior shots of lot 20.

December 2018

Lot 20 has drywall and first coat of paint. Final interior paint colors were selected so painting should wrap up by the end of the month. Kitchen cabinets have been ordered, flooring selected. Next up is finishing the lighting selections and other finishing touches.

Here's a little peak into the interior of lot 20. Unfortunately, the windows are covered in plastic so you can't see the great views.

Lot 18

Lot 18 is finally growing some walls. The main core of the house will have very tall walls which should make a very nice open living space. It's tough building when the temps are so low, but the crew keeps at it with big changes every day.

November 2018

Lot 20 is proceeding well. Unfortunately, we had to slide the completion date to end of April 2019 so we should be ready for our first occupants in May 2019. Insulation has finished and drywall and siding will start in the next few weeks. We are excited to get the siding up so we can see what the exterior is going to really going to look like. The natural light on on the interior of this house is absolutely amazing.

Next door, lot 18 is ready for the flooring system. We are eagerly awaiting the flooring and walls on this house because the design is quite a bit different than lot 20. Floor plans on paper are great, but we learn a lot once we can walk thru the actual rooms. As we design the next two houses there are design elements from both lot 20 and 18 that will impact the next two.

Check our video for a fly-around of the project.